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Supply Chain is Broken, But Not For You — Get Printed Cans in 30 Days

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Billion dollar companies never saw this coming. The pandemic has exposed the dysfunctional underbelly of the domestic supply chain for retail packaged goods. Something as simple as domestically printed beer cans can now have you backed up with an 11-12 month lead time — if you’re lucky. 

We know brands that can’t even get flapper lids for their spice jars. A small order of 20,000 lids is usually of little consequence in the packaging supply chain. These big players are asking in the summer and being told they won’t get those lids until February. 

Don’t Put Up With It

The Oversea Network is a global sourcing partner that delivers. We can get those printed cans into your hands in about 20 days. Small and medium brewers are really feeling the pain of the broken supply chain, because you’ve often got to buy unprinted, unlabeled stock cans (so the labels aren’t damaged during the filling process) from a can supplier. Then you’ve got to hire a service to come out and fill those unprinted cans and label them afterwards. That’s a hassle made worse by the long wait.

Elevate Your Brand

Show consumers that you’re on the same level as the bigger guys and get the whole setup done yourself. You can fill yourself on gorgeous fully printed cans without hiring an outfit to come out and fill for a couple weeks before slapping labels over it. 

From concept to final delivery, we handle all your production and packaging supply chain needs so you can focus on growing your business. With the help of our global network and boots in the factory and on the ground, you can achieve massive cost savings while vaulting your brand to credibility and dodging insane lead times. 

Need a place to store your product or your cans? We’ve got you covered there, too. The Oversea network is invested in warehouses here in the United States where we’ll house everything just a day away from where you need it for no additional cost. Keep it in the warehouse for 6 months, if necessary, and decide for yourself when to put it in action rather than letting the faulty supply chain dictate timing and complicate the active demand for your product.

Small local beverage can suppliers just don’t know how to do this. We have a reliable process in place to erase long lead times, get printed cans and filled products into your hands quickly, get it all into the U.S., and keep it on standby until the precise moment you’re ready to move it.

Be Ready For Anything

Our services are versatile, too. Cans and lids are common pain points in the packaging supply chain right now, but we aren’t just a beer can supplier. The Oversea Network can handle all angles of the retail packaged goods industry. Brands have had us store starch, protein powders, juices, wines, and more while accessing on-demand, rapidly acquired packaging that’s perfect for their individual products. Ever considered beer in a pouch? It exists, and it’s incredible

Get in touch today to discuss our sourcing, storage, and packaging options and see what we’ve got in store for your business. The supply chain is broken, but it doesn’t have to be — at least, not for you. Partner with the Oversea Network and get what you need at a price and with a lead time that the other guys just can’t meet.

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