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Packaging solutions for cannabis


Cannabis brands are navigating the turbulent waters of a rapidly growing market while the supply chain is in shambles. Child-resistant caps are out of stock or delayed everywhere. Your products have very specific needs — safety, freshness, shelf-appeal, and a level of quality that speaks to your audience.

This can quickly put you at a crossroads with a catch-22 decision…


Lead times are crazy…and then you still need time to assemble!
Not anymore.



Go with the same big suppliers as everyone else, check all your boxes, but pay a premium and wait forever


Switch to independent suppliers for some relief, but no assurance of quality and no transparency into their factories.

Nonsense. Neither one of those is going to cut the mustard. But if folks would just pay attention for a minute, they’d know it doesn’t have to be this way. What if you had…


  • Professional-grade packaging that reinforces status and vaults your brand
  • Flexible order sizes from small test runs to multi-million unit orders!
  • Value-added prices that protect your margins in the competitive cannabis market
  • Fast turnaround… Eliminate those 6-month lead times (and extra months assembling millions of packages post-delivery)
  • In-demand packaging features for cannabis, including child, moisture, and light-resistant designs and eco-friendly options

Too good to be true, right? It’s not. All of this is possible without the hassle of starts and stops as you evaluate a long line of new suppliers.

In fact, it’s easy! We’re not joking…we’re already doing it.

Your Own Proven
Global Network

The Oversea Network from ABC Packaging can source your cannabis packaging from high-performing factories in our vetted global network, eliminating the long lead times that are plaguing so many medical cannabis and other cannabis-related brands. By utilizing only carefully inspected and tested factories that we control, in our proven worldwide supply chain and logistics process, you can cut the line and slash lead times in less than half.

Our boots on the ground in the U.S. and in countries around the globe are on-call to complete your project a matter of weeks — including assembly! Tap into The Oversea Network from ABC Packaging for:


Our system costs a fraction of what it would take to expedite packaging from understaffed and overburdened domestic suppliers. The local guys don’t have the system in place to offer you the margins you need.


Get ahead with sourcing partners everywhere and infrastructure in the U.S. to receive and store orders of any size (at our own warehouses, free of charge!). No more waiting behind other cannabis brands at heavily backlogged mass producers overseas and congested primary ports.


Success in the cannabis space is all about communicating your brand’s legitimacy with a premium feel. We have a 100% quality guarantee and offer access to leading global factories that can elevate your brand and show you’re on the level with the biggest players.


Forget about hiring an independent agency to come to your facility and assemble your packaging for 50 cents a box. We’ll get it all done for you — for a fraction of the cost — and take assembly off your plate.

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  • Child Resistant
  • Moisture/Light Resistant
  • Vacuum Sealable
  • Pre-Kitted and Assembled
  • Edge-to-Edge Printing (on Flexible Packages)
  • Bold Printed Labels
  • Bio-Degradable/Compostable Options

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Guys…Stop Wasting
time & Money

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Delivery is only half the battle. After you've spent six months waiting for backlogged packaging orders to show up, the last thing you want is to spend even more time putting it all together. With the Overseas Network, you can dodge two birds with one stone. We deliver fast and handle value-added contract assembly of your packaging for you.

Now you can put in a trial order of half-a-million-units for a new product rollout and have it all show up on time and completely ready to go.

Consider how much it's costing to devote your valuable time to self-assembly or to hire an agency to come on-site and assemble each wave of deliveries. We can get it done for pennies on the dollar — and you can focus on your business.

Image credit: Cannabis packaging design by Top Dispensary Web Design

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Protect your products as well as your customers with fully compliant child safety features for medical cannabis packaging. Child resistant caps, clasps, and other solutions serve double duty in satisfying regulators and showing customers that you are a responsible brand.

The Oversea Network is ready to consult with you on the perfect child resistant packaging solution for your product from our many tested and proven options.

Image credit: Carlos Paolo and Darma Marketing


Get in touch with ABC Packaging Direct — The Oversea Network and talk with a packaging specialist 1-on-1 to ask questions and get an inside look at our proven process. We’ll ask for information about both your cannabis product and your audience, then offer qualified advice and real solutions for optimal performance.



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