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Daisy Sour Cream, Chobani, Now BBQ Sauce?

The inverted stand up pouch has become a hot item in the retail packaging world. Some of the biggest brands are embracing them (heard that Ketchup is next) and the domestic manufacturers are none other than the 900 pound gorillas (Glenroy, Ampac, etc). When this is the case, normally it spells doom and gloom for those companies that are not the biggest companies in the world (think medium companies) who want to package salad dressing, shampoo, even soap in something other than a thick, rigid bottle. The big domestic manufacturers want and need massive volume to run on their equipment, and it's a fact that these companies are not nearly as well versed in applying spouts/caps as overseas suppliers are.

Overseas manufacturers have been producing spouted stand up pouches for well over 15 years...much longer than done here in US and Canada. Over this time they've perfected not only the right materials but also how to seal the spouts/caps quickly (by machine...not by hand) to assure seal integrity. One leaker of a spouted stand up pouch, inverted or otherwise is too many.

Secondly, the spouts/caps are produced by Aptiv and are available to our overseas suppliers (you won't be able to buy them yourself here in the US fyi). Sourcing globally is not for the faint of heart, however with a partner who has people on the ground at the factory level to review every stage of the mfg, inspection, and shipping process who will Guarantee 100% quality and on-time delivery is something to consider.

Inverted stand up pouches are unique, different, cost effective, and better for the environment. If interested in learning more, please contact us.


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