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When You Let China Handle The Freight

This Really Happens!

This is all too familiar with those of us that deal with overseas suppliers. The problem isn't so much that this happens, the problem is companies have No Idea it is happening. My point, when you "go it alone" and source your products from China or a "middleman" that you "think" is at the factory and you "think" has your best interests in mind...think again. If you let your factory ship your freight to port you can bet your bottom dollar that this is how it will get there. These factories will use the cheapest method to get your products to the port because technically "they shipped it" and they can make a few extra dollars off of your order.

Don't let this happen to you. Global sourcing and global supply chain Do Work if you have a partner...a partner with staff on the ground, at the factory who not only finds and visits and inspects your factories but handles ALL of the other parts of an order...inspection, packing, shipping, logistics and delivery to your door. The right partner has a Proven Process to guarantee quality and delivery time.

Cheap can be very, very expensive

Global supply chain and global sourcing is alive and well and won't go away any time soon...despite what Trump thinks. We need the innovation and manufacturing that is done offshore, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, South Korea, and India. Work with a partner who knows what they are doing!


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