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2 Hot Trends To Capitalize On Right Now To Boost Sales and Profits

Screenshot 2022-03-31 180921Packaging Reps, Packaging Resellers, Brokers…here are 2 tips that can skyrocket your sales and profits immediately by solving a massive pain point (kind of our theme and what we teach our reps all the time).  

Present Flexible Options to Replace Rigid

The runaway hands-down winner right now is converting your customers away from rigid packaging, bottles, buckets, pails, glass, plastic…whatever it may be, domestic suppliers are at capacity (probably 12 MONTHS out), and presenting a flexible packaging alternative could be a gamechanger. To be clear, we are not against rigid, but we see a huge opportunity because of the reduction in plastic, materials, energy savings, shipping cost, storage cost, and frankly per piece price.  

What’s the pain? Rigid is expensive, takes up a ton of space, is lousy for the environment, uses a ton of energy to create/make, and is difficult to dispose of or even recycle.

Focus on Biodegradable and Compostable Flexible Packaging

Almost every medium-to-large company has someone in charge of sustainability, reducing or eliminating processes and products that negatively impact the environment.  Over the past few years, there have been tremendous advances in flexible retail packaging that is not only biodegradable but compostable — in industrial as well as home composters. 

There are limitations (size, number of colors, strength), however…as a Packaging Reseller you know the FIRST thing you need to do is “get in the door,” and with packaging solutions you can discuss at length that help Mother Earth…you can.

Bio Paper and Bio Plastic Structures Available Now!

You will notice a trend…the products that currently package nicely using biodegradable and compostable packaging are dry products. This short list gives you an idea of the sorts of products that are GREAT for biodegradable—compostable flexible packaging:

  • Dry Products
  • Dry snacks
  • Trail mix
  • Flours and bakery mixes
  • Spices
  • Crackers
  • Tea bags

At the same time, you should definitely stay away from these applications (right now):

  • Liquids…the materials just aren’t strong enough (yet!)

There you go, packaging folks… This is great info you can use right now to “get in the door” and get away from selling on whoever is cheapest!  Let me know if there are other hints or tips we can provide.

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